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Shelter "When 20 Summers Pass"


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The legendary Post-Hardcore pioneers SHELTER will release a new, remastered and repackaged edition of their album "When 20 Summers Pass," which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year in beautiful analogy to the title - in cooperation with End Hits Records.

The enormously influential formation around frontman Ray Cappo celebrates a record that had to be realized under adverse circumstances at the time of its release in 2000, but which is still remembered as one of the most slick hardcore records of the new millennium due to its musical class. After a SHELTER discography that is marked by numerous experiments, "When 20 Summers Pass" can thus be understood as a sonic return to its origins through which Cappo's raw songwriting energy is more clearly visible than ever. In the year 2000, SHELTER were facing an enormous artistic challenge: Behind them lies an incredibly successful time with a major label. However, although their 1997 album "Beyond Planet Earth" presented itself stylistically as diverse as never before, it did not satisfy Roadrunner Records commercially. SHELTER were faced with the question of how to continue after such a creative period. Cappo and his bandmate John Porcell, finally found the answer in the band's roots. Completely realized without label support, "When 20 Summers Pass" had become a record with uncompromisingly rousing hardcore punk, which not only makes Cappo's origins in bands like Youth Of Today audible again, but at the same time impresses with incorruptibly staged pop influences. Not only the songwriting duo Cappo and Porcelly is largely responsible for the grandiose result of this orientation, but also the legendary producer Don Fury whose repertoire includes acts, such as, Agnostic Front, Madball or Quicksand.
"When 20 Summers Pass" is also under a special sign because it was originally planned as the last SHELTER album. This makes it all more clear why this record refines the core essences of this band more decisively than almost any other, and why Ray Cappo digs especially deep in his lyrics. The title track "When 20 Summers Pass" and "Song Of Brahma" are still among the most profound tracks SHELTER has ever written. They present Cappo not only as an outstanding songwriter, but also as a far-sighted lyricist.

The new edition of the album on End Hits Records contains, in addition to the 12 original songs, four rarities as bonus tracks and on top of that even a never before released SHELTER song called "Why Can't I Just Get Through To You?". All additional tracks are taken from the the band’s recording sessions of the album.

End Hits Records is proud to present this legendary Hardcore record in various limited editions – including a Double LP with a pop up Gatefold Artwork, Picture Disc, and Digipack CD.

Track Listing: 
01. When 20 Summers Pass
02. In The Van Again
03. Song Of Brahma
04. Don’t Walk Away
05. Public Eye
06. If There’s Only Today
07. Loss Disguised As Gain
08. Spirits Blinded
09. Crushing Someone You Love
10. Look Away
11. Killer Of My Dreams
12. I Can’t Change History
13. Yes I Can *
14. I Am A Rock *
15. Why Can’t I Just Get Through To You *
16. Truth Will Set Us Free *
17. The Chapter Ends *

* Exclusive to deluxe LP and CD