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Storm{O} "Sospesi Nel Vuoto Bruceremo In Un Attimo E Il Cerchio Sarö Chiuso"


Storm{O} is an Italian four-piece band that formed in 2005. The group is based in Feltre (Belluno) and their name is derived from the mingle of a dark storm and the word for a flock of black birds, stormo, in Italian. Hardcore screamed in their native language, narrow mathematical passages and runaway emotional explosions give shape to an unconventional and somehow unique music.

Recorded live in the studio in 6 days and mixed at Studio 73 by Riccardo Pasini. Co-released by Moment of Collapse Records (DE), Bookhouse Records (USA), D_sordre Ordonn_ (CAN), FalloDischi, Shove, Dischi Bervisti, distributed in stores by Audioglobe (IT) and Broken Silence (DE).

Track Listing: 
01. In Volo
02. Supernova
03. Fuga
04. Perch? La Bambina Cade
05. Sorridendo (Alla Possibilitö Della Caduta)
06. D'istanti
07. Un Coltello: Compassione O Comprensione
08. Delle Nostre Vite Appese
09. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte I - "Le Cose Peggiori"
10. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte II - "La Debolezza"
11. Meditazione Sulle Eterne Massime: Parte III - "L'accecante Guida"
12. Human 2.0
13. Aspettandone Uno Vivo
14. Respiro
15. Per Le Tue Lacrime