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Miles Away "Endless Roads"

Perth's Miles Away are set to confirm their standing at the top of the hardcore heap with their awe-inspiring third album, Endless Roads. The culmination of eight years of hard work, heartache and good times, Endless Roads is the sound of a passionate, road-hardened band at the height of their powers.

Three years on from their previous effort, 2007Ís Rewind Repeat, Miles Away are older, wiser and more determined than ever. Written last year during some rare downtime, Endless Roads was recorded in early 2010 at Wild Arctic studios in New York by producer Dean Baltulonis (Sick Of It All, American Nightmare).

Track Listing: 
01. Hibernation 
02. Seasonal 
03. Ghostwriter 
04. Seperation Anxiety 
05. Anywhere 
06. Endless Roads
07. The Constant 
08. Rain Eyes 
09. Skeleton Key 
10. Unsaid 
11. Hearts And Minds