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Sex Positions "Self Titled"

Sex Positions were like no other artists out there in their day. Driven by their need for musical experimentation, they harbored new wave and classic punk influences.  Their "Self Titled" album was produced and engineered by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge). The album is made up of 11 magnificent songs that incorporate hardcore, punk, rock, and electronic influences into a new kind of animal.

Track Listing:
01. Commit It
02. You Better Start Running
03. Worse Than The Plague
04. Aphrodite Dear
05. Doors Are Harder To Slam In The Summer
06. Sleeping
07. Interlude
08. Dead Lay Very Still
09. Heroes Od The Novel
10. We Already Went Over This
11. Ruined

Test Press:

First Press:
10 - Black (w/ large silkscreen cover print w/ pink ink, numbered 1-10) 
89 - Black (w/ large silkscreen cover print w/ white ink, numbered 11-100)
178 - Black (w/ small silkscreen cover print, black label stamp, numbered 101-277) 
245 - Black (w/ small silkscreen cover print, red label stamp, numbered 278-522)