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Sergio Anello "No Heavier Burden"


No Heavier Burden has been in the works for just over a year now. Following the 2019 winter release of Sergio’s first solo effort, Tell or Be Told, he continued writing again in his spare time. Later that year, Sergio found himself spontaneously touring with The Early November on their fall U.S. tour in support of their latest album. It was then, when SDR and Sergio connected and got on a call to start discussing the possibility of working together for the new album.

After the tour, Sergio came back home inspired with new awareness, and would continue to share home demos of what would eventually become, No Heavier Burden. In these recordings, you can hear Sergio approaching these songs in a much more stripped-down and personal way, putting much intention on the structure of the song and focusing only on the voice and guitar in it.

Come spring 2020, Sergio went back to The Lumberyard to record the new album. With the help of longtime friend and co-producer Ace Enders, the two were able to bring more life to the songs, while still keeping true to the raw and personal aspect that Sergio crafted in the beginning.

No Heavier Burden explores personal stories, emotions, relationships, vulnerabilities and realizations of life.

Track Listing:
01. You're Only Faking
02. Someone to love
03. No Heavier Burden
04. Grief Repeating
05. Believe You Me
06. We All Fall