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Rule Them All "An Alignment Of Polarity"


Long Island’s Rule Them All “An Alignment Of Polarity” EP. The release features five songs of refreshing, hook-laden melodic Long Island hardcore. Jon Gusman’s existential lyrics are shouted over the catchy guitar work of Richie Amour and Zach Barnett and carried along by the rhythm section featuring Andy Laurino on bass and Abbas Muhammad on drums. Pick one up for your chance to singalong and mosh. This EP is sure to become a favorite of any hardcore music listener.

Formed in a dusty warehouse, Long Island’s Rule Them All took the sound started by hometown staples Silent Majority and Inside and blended it with Revolution Summer emo to create melody that is sorely missing in today’s hardcore scene. While ‘Blueprint For Change’—their initial release—was a breath of fresh air, ‘An Alignment of Polarity’ promises to be the wind beneath the sails of a once thriving style of hardcore.

Perfect band if you’re seeking existential lyrics, LIHC and great vibes.

This 12″ EP will come with a zine booklet featuring lyrics, song meanings and band interview.

Track Listing: 
01. Higgs Boson
02. Lukewarm
03. Sad To Die
04. When Presented With Circumstance
05. (Error:Trial) So It Starts…