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Rise And Fall "Alive In Sin"


Recorded in Kortrijk, Belgium in 2012, ‘Alive In Sin’ is the live recording of Rise And Fall’s release show for their final studio album ‘Faith’.

“In 2012, when we were getting ready to drop “Faith” (which turned out to be our final album), we wanted to get everything right. We were incredibly excited because the record had turned out exactly the way we wanted it to do it justice, it needed a fitting release show. So, we invited our friends in Iron Age and a mix of other bands we were into and got going. We practiced as often as we could and put together a set list that focused on “Faith”, but also included songs from our previous albums. The result is what you’re holding in your hands right now. If you couldn’t make it out to the show back then, here’s what it sounded like. If you were there with us, here’s your chance to relive that evening.” - Bjorn Dossche, Rise And Fall

Track Listing: 
01. Dead Weight
02. Bottom Feeder
03. Into Oblivion
04. Failure Is As Failure Does
05. Breathe
06. It’s A Long Way Down
07. Hidden Hands
08. The Noose
09. The Gallows Await
10. Deceiver
11. Forked Tongues
12. In Circles
13. Faith / Fate