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Petal "Shame"


Petal has always been a deeply personal project for songwriter & lead singer Kiley Lotz. Shame, the band’s debut LP three years in the making, is a honest and perceptive exploration of the album’s namesake. These twelve tracks recall the elastic indie rock of Death Cab For Cutie and Pedro the Lion - sometimes somber, sometimes upbeat, but always beautifully & thoughtfully crafted. The range of songs and emotions on Shame are notable: tracks like “Heaven” and “Camera Lens II” are indie-pop pleasures brimming with nostalgic remembrance. One of the album’s brightest moments comes on “Nature,” a brave song lyrically and vocally, as Lotz sings unaccompanied over a singular drum beat, proclaiming fearlessly, “I want to be part of the nature you were born from.” The most rewarding part of listening to Shame is realizing that as Kiley Lotz looks inwards and honestly reveals what she sees through her songs, she shows everyone else that the anxieties, doubts and longings that come with the territory of love are universally felt.

Track Listing:
01. Camera Lens
02. Tommy
03. Heaven
04. Chandelier Thief
05. Feel
06. Sooner
07. The Fire
08. Shame
09. Nature
10. Camera Lens II
11. Photobooth
12. Silly Heart