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Run For Cover


Self Defense Family / Meredith Hunter "Split"

Fans of Self Defense Family already know what to expect here, which is pretty much always going to be the unexpected. Last time it was a 7" single with photocopied breasts as the cover, this time it's a split with alter ego's Meredith Hunter. You're thinking, "that's not a split, that's just a regular record," but you won't find any of SDF's abrasion within Meredith Hunter. Self Defense Family will offer a new burner on the a-side, and Meredith Hunter do the same on the reverse. Vocalist Pat Kindlon on what to expect from Meredith Hunter: "Dual-vocal rock with musical nods to The Byrds and Flamin' Groovies, Lyrics inspires by field recording of bus stops and flop houses."

Track Listing:Β 
01. Self Defense Family - Russian History
02. Meredith Hunter - Gold Star Mother