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Coasta "Sunzal"

Long Island's rich musical history has helped to shape a generation of indie, punk and rock music. Both a product of that environment and a contributor to it's next chapter, Coasta craft brooding, atmospheric pop-rock songs akin to Nada Surf, Bends-era Radiohead and Wilco. Featuring the current three piece lineup of Jamey Lacey, Steve Kupillas and Chris Lorenz, Coasta's 5-song debut EP blends a diversity of styles, from the folk-y, solemn track "The Slide" to the dense, haunting mid-tempo rocker "Sunzal" all while plying subtle influence from many of Long Island's greats.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Young Blood
02. The Slide
03. Michael Traction
04. Sirenz
05. Sunzal