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Basement "I Wish I Could Stay Here"

Nestled away in the UK's quiet, picturesque east coast town of Ipswich, the lads in Basement are conflicted between the comfort of the beautiful familiar and the allure of escape. This duality pervades the band's existence. As frontman Andrew FisherÍs gravelly, Lifetime-esque yowl skips and stretches over driving rhythms and poignant guitar melodies, itÍs clear Basement expertly walk the line between contrasts of heartrending emo and gruff post-hardcore. Whether working through a slow, Seaweed-styled mid-tempo burn or pounding out driving punk, Basement has a quiet layer of jagged desperation weaving their songs together under the smooth melodic surface. Much like a coming of age, the songs are at once confident and poised while toiling inside and bursting at the seams.

Track Listing: 
01. Fading
02. Plan To Be Surprised
03. Canada Square
04. Crickets Throw Their Voice
05. Earl Grey
06. Ellipses
07. Every Single Word
08. Yoke
09. Grayscale
10. March