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Daytrader "Last Days Of Rome"

Last Days of Rome is the debut EP from Daytrader, featuring members of Crime In Stereo, Latterman and Bridge and Tunnel.

Last Days of Rome will be a refreshing release for a lot of people. Daytrader might be made up of (former) members of Crime In Stereo, Latterman, The Motorcycle Industry, Bridge and Tunnel and Divider, but theyÍre all about early 2000Ís emo here, paying tribute to a time when music had more integrity, honesty, and all that stuff people harp about these days. And IÍll come clean: ItÍs about time a band revived a style from the earlier half of the decade other than mundane pop-punk with a whopping total of three distinct chord progressions per album (not going to name any names here, but IÍm looking at you, New Jersey scene). Examined against the present musical climate, Last Days of Rome is independent, raw and, quite frankly, reinvigorating. -