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Tigers Jaw "Self Titled"

For the past few years, five young friends from Scranton, PA known as TIGERS JAW have been playing their brand of upbeat yet melancholy indie rock, captivating nearly everyone in the room each time. The subtle yet massively clever lyrics combine with music that moves with such youthful exuberance even the most jaded listeners will look back to their more careless days. The debut from TIGERS JAW may wear its influences on its sleeve, but instead of a repetitive list of soundalike bands, themes such as death, friendship, and growing up are tackled from an endearing and hopeful perspective that is almost impossible not to relate to.

This is a reissue of the debut self-titled full-length that served as the recorded introduction to TIGERS JAW and should tide over fans between the BALANCE AND COMPOSURE/TIGERS JAW Split 12î and the bandÍs forthcoming sophomore full length due to be released late summer 2010.

Track Listing: 
01. The Sun 
02. Plane Vs Tank Vs Submarine 
03. I Saw Water 
04. Chemicals 
05. Between Your Band And The Other Band 
06. HEAT 
07. I Was Never Your Boyfriend 
08. Meals On Wheels 
09. Arms Across America
10. Never Saw It Coming