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Hostage Calm "Self Titled"


/Hostage Calm's self-titled sophomore album delivers an expansive and deranged pop-music palette, imprinting The Smiths' reluctant resolve and early-Beatles pop sensibilities on a high-energy punk landscape. The shimmering jangle of electric and acoustic guitar layers meet adventurous bass lines, intricately woven together and backed by a colorful percussion section. Soaring choruses and smooth vocal harmonies surge to the forefront, driving political and personal anthems with infectious melody and poetic elegance. Third pressing now available on limited colored vinyl with new packaging.

Track Listing:Β 
01. A Mistrust Earned
02. Rebel Fatigues
03. Affidavit
04. Where The Waters Call Home
05. Ballots/Stones
06. Marine Transgressions
07. Young Professionals
08. Overstayed
09. Wither On The Vine
10. Victory Lap
11. Jerry Rumspringer
12. War On A Feeling