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Forced Order "Vanished Crusade"


Southern California hardcore and metal underground artists FORCED ORDER and Revelation Records present the debut full-length, Vanished Crusade. This full-length features fourteen tracks of hard, fast and heavy metallic hardcore delivered in a similar vein as genre pioneers INTEGRITY, IN COLD BLOOD, and HATEBREED. Alongside scorching metallic riffs, solos, and barked vocals are haunting instrumental pieces, helping to paint a bleak picture of the world. The members are no strangers to the scene and are also in bands like TWITCHING TONGUES and SOUL SEARCH.

Track Listing:Β 
01. New Forms
02. Unexist
03. Turn The Knife
04. Sense Walker
05. The Pain Enclosed
06. Blind To Trust
07. Forced Order
08. Retribution
09. Ischys
10. Seven Realms Of Fear
11. Disintegrate
12. March Of The Diseased
13. Dechrau
14. Allanfa