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Dag Nasty "Minority Of One"

Washington DC legends Dag Nasty are back and as great as ever with their first release in a decade. Minority of One features the much famed line-up of guitarist Brian Baker, vocalist Dave Smalley, bassist Roger Marbury and drummer Colin Sears. The band got back to their roots and recorded the album at Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA with Don Zientara. Brian and friend Steve Hansgen handled the production duties.

Minority of One opens with the blistering "Ghosts", an ode to times past with a melody that gets stuck in your brain and just doesn't seem to want to leave. Smalley's vocals aptly show the power and skill he's known for, bringing back memories for the listener just as he's contemplating his own. The title track "Minority of One" hearkens back to the roots of the punk and DIY movements, daring listeners to stand out among the crowd and follow their own paths. The technical guitar riffing of "Bottle This" should make fans of the bands' incredible precision happy, while the introspective and slow tempo of "Twisted Again" recalls heavy melodies of Bad Religion or Sham 69.

After a ten year dormancy, Dag Nasty prove that the chemistry and the soul of their music is still there and precisely the reason why they still play it. Dag Nasty's rich history and pedigree speaks for itself and Minority of One will only carry this tradition further. The songs are powerful, the recording is huge, and the lyrics and vocal delivery are as heartfelt as ever.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Ghosts
02. Minority of One
03. Bottle This
04. Broken Days
05. Your Words
06. Incinerate
07. Throwing Darts
08. White Flag
09. Twisted Again
10. Average Man
11. Wasting Away