CIV "Set Your Goals" - Deathwish Inc

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CIV "Set Your Goals"

Vinyl originally released by Revelation in 1996, Set Your Goals is the debut LP from CIV. Pressings were limited (with even less pressed on blue) and have been sold out for years, but now Set Your Goals is finally being repressed! This vinyl LP also features a cover of SSDÍs ñGlueî as a bonus track, which was not available on the original CD version of this release.

Track Listing: 
01. Set Your Goals
02. Do Something
03. So Far, So Good...So What
04. State Of Grace
05. CanÍt Wait One Minute More
06. Trust Slips Through Your Hands
07. Gang Opinion
08. Choices Made
09. Solid Bond
10. Marching Goals
11. United Kids
12. Soundtrack For Violence
13. Boring Summer
14. Et Tu Brute
15. All Twisted
16. DonÍt Got To Prove It To Anyone
17. Blessed
18. Glue (LP-only bonus track)