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Persistent Vision


Respire "Hiraeth"

  • The long-awaited fourth album by Toronto, Canada post-everything collective, Respire. Crafted over four years through a continuous exchange of demos and sheet music, Respire spent six months producing "Hiraeth", with the invaluable contributions of recording engineer Sean Pearson and mixing and mastering engineer Jack Shirley, and numerous collaborators.

    “The album serves as a tribute to those who have uprooted their lives and their families in search of hope and a better future,” explains Respire, collectively. “It also serves as a cautionary tale to those who remain complacent, falsely secure in the privileges of their illusory societal positions. Hiraeth is a manifesto of the immigrant experience; a call for all of us to embrace our shared humanity, awaken to the fragility of our existence, and confront the crises we face collectively before it's too late.”

    Respire has been a pioneering force in the Canadian underground scene for ten years, building a cult-like following over their three critically acclaimed LPs: Black Line (2020), Dénouement (2018), and Gravity and Grace (2016). The seven-piece band is Egin Kongoli (vocals/guitar/synthesizer), Rohan Lilauwala (vocals/guitar), Darren Scarfo (vocals/guitar), Travis Dupuis (vocals/drums), Ben Oliver (bass guitar), Eslin McKay (vocals/violin/viola), and Emmett O’Reilly (vocals/trumpet). Respire pushes the boundaries of heavy music, intertwining intricate, uplifting orchestral arrangements with the intensity and urgency of emotional hardcore and the desperation of black metal.

    This Persistent Vision exclusive variant of the album comes on Twilight, a merge of sea blue and tangerine, and is limited to 100 copies. It comes packaged in a die-cut, full color jacket with printed inner sleeve and booklet.

    Track Listing:
    01. Keening
    02. The Match, Consumed
    03. Distant Light of Belonging
    04. First Snow
    05. Home of Ash
    06. Voiceless; Nameless
    07. The Sun Sets Without Us
    08. We Grow Like Trees in Rooms of Borrowed Light
    09. Do the Birds Still Sing?
    10. Farewell (In Standard)