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Outsiders Code "Exiled From Birth"

Melbourne, Australia is not known for producing weak-willed hardcore bands and Outsiders Code is no exception. Featuring members of 50 Lions, Her Nightmare, Hitlist and Warbrain, this band means business. Consolidating an array of influences conducive to years spent in the Australian music scene, Outsiders Code emerges with an intensity of their own. Not often does such a powerful band incorporate layers of musicality and subtle guitar melody with iron grip vehemence and nail it. Outsiders Code nails it. For fans of 100 Demons and old Hatebreed. Imported from Australia.

Track Listing: 
01. Pray For Me
02. Destroyer
03. Regain Control
04. Outsider
05. For Life
06. The End
07. Becoming
08. Baron Land
09. Instilled
10. Unseen
11. Road To Peace