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Rejection Pact "Can We Wait?"

Rejection Pact’s new album “Can We Wait?” is the 12” follow up and natural progression from their previous 7” release “Threats of the World.” In familiar fashion, the songs leave no room for filler with the 13 track album clocking in under 20 minutes. The new album leans much more into social & political issues with every song fitting a cohesive theme that begs the question “CAN WE WAIT?”

The group pulls in influences ranging from politically charged punk acts like Propagandhi & Bad Religion to more straight forward hardcore acts like Bane & Have Heart, as well as drawing heavily from PNW hardcore legends Go It Alone.  

The album was record by Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals at the Tonic Room in Boise, ID throughout the spring-summer-fall of 2021, and it was mixed by Taylor Young at the Pit Recording Studio, and mastered by Nick Townsend of Infrasonic Mastering in Los Angeles, CA. 

In a wave where so many hardcore bands are leaning into the heavier/mosh sound, “CAN WE WAIT?” is a politically charged, pissed off journey that doesn’t waste any time sugar coating its message, and will have you singing along and stage diving in no time. 
Track Listing:
01. Imperative
02. Hollow Ethos
03. Indifference Is The Enemy
04. Social Murder
05. Collective Will
06. Western Glitch
07. Profit Programming
08. Grave Gold
09. Prune
10. Working Off The Past
11. Blockhead
12. Failed Animal
13. No More(s)