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MSTRKRFT "Operator"

MSTRKRFT, who is Jesse F. Keeler & Al-P, quietly began work on OPERATOR in late 2013 at their Toronto studio, optimizing their analog attack with an arsenal of synths, 808s, 909s and other equipment to track and perform what would eventually become OPERATOR. They left the computer set to "record" and banged out hundreds of hours of music to draw from. "The "operator" concept for us was essential in the creation of the music on this album, but I'm not sure what came first, the title or the idea," says Jesse F. Keeler. "While browsing military related websites and blogs, mostly consisting of vets talking to each other like any civilian I suppose, I noticed repeated reference to something they called "operator culture." It seemed to be something that was sometimes laughed at, sometimes caused disdain, but was referenced constantly and seemed to be understood by everyone. I came to believe the operator concept is one of detachment."

Track Listing:
01. Wrong Glass Sir
02. Runaway
03. Little Red Hen
04. Priceless
05. Playing With Itself
06. Party Line
07. Death in the Gulf Stream
08. World Peace
09. Morning of the Hunt
10. Go On Without Me