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Totem Skin "Weltschmerz"


The ever-devastating Swedish outfit, Totem Skin, have collected 7 new tracks of blackened, crusty, screamo-hardcore, delivered with startling precision and a grandiose scope of sound. This is their 2nd full length, following the highly-acclaimed "Still Waters Run Deep" debut LP, and should please old and new fans alike. Heavy on the panic-inducing aggression, yet seamlessly lapsing into passages of dark melodic beauty and crushing doom, navigation of the epic mood-swings on this sophomore offering will find you experiencing the band at their music-writing peak. An absolute killer for fans of This Gift Is A Cvrse, Deafheaven, Hexis, Cloud Rat, and Of Feather And Bone. Mastered for maximum aural terror at Audiosiege, and packaged with gorgeous artwork by Chris Panatier.

Track Listing:
01. Always ire
02. Longing leans and beckons
03. Reckless recluse
04. The mouth of man
05. Pretend
06. Distant visitant
07. De blindas rike _r den en_gde kung