Hexis / This Gift Is A Curse "Deluxe Split" - Deathwish Inc

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Hexis / This Gift Is A Curse "Deluxe Split"


On this epic split, Denmark gives us the bleak, avant-garde black-metal meets hardcore approach of Hexis, while Sweden delivers the aural assault of technical hardcore via black sludge from This Gift Is A Curse. No ears will be the same after listening to the darkened noise these bands have offered here. Complete with over-the-top packaging and frightening artwork from Jonas Holmberg, this long-awaited split record is the epitome of extreme music today. Beautifully presented in Arigato fold-out covers, printed inner-sleeves, on 70gm heavy-weight vinyl.

For fans of: Deafheaven,Totem Skin, Celeste, Xasthur, Cara Neir, Amber.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Odium
02. Hamnskiftaren