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Prize Horse "Welder"


PRIZE HORSE is comprised of three close friends based out of Minneapolis, MN who have been playing music together for the past five years. In some way or another, this creative trio has spent their cold winter days working on writing music and as a result have been able to refine and become a tight group of musicians. This frigid closeness is felt on the initial release from the band PRIZE HORSE. The rock band finds themselves dipping into melancholic soundscapes driven by thick bass lines and thudding drums.

"It feels like a hand on the shoulder of a friend you used to know, like a well-used kitchen table in the front yard of the house across the
street β€” Prize Horse takes a blowtorch to midwinter Minneapolis and lets it freeze over again. Welder is a melancholy smile behind glass, and it's all we can do not to look away." β€” Sam Allen

Track Listing:
01. 3 Tiles
02. Melt
03. Welder
04. Far
05. Emeryth
06. Musket