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Sawchuk / Suffer On Acid "Split"


Suffer On Acid is a 3-piece power violence band from Boston. The split features their new song "Mind For Mind" which is chaotic yet pleasing. It shows how they can be intricate and raw at the same time.

Sawchuk is a hardcore band from Michigan. It is your traditional, fast-paced, pissed off hardcore. They continue to ignite the masses with their plummeting guitars tones and fuming lyrics.

Includes a digital download.

Track Listing:
01. Sawchuk - Frail
02. Sawchuk - Bleeding Faith
03. Sawchuk - Life Drags On
04. Suffer On Acid - Mind For Mind

Pressing Info:
100 - Milky Clear
200 - Transparent Purple (Sawchuk Band Color)
200 - Opaque Red (Suffer On Acid Band Color)