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Portrayal Of Guilt Records


Portrayal Of Guilt "Self Titled"


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Packaging includes:

  • Metallic gold ink print on black paper stock
  • Includes black dust sleeve

Portrayal Of Guilt from Texas – blackened screamo/violence at its best with members of Illustrations. When I first heard the songs, I was totally blown away – this band is so heavy and intense. FFO: Majority Rule and screamo/violence/grind in general.

Track Listing:
01. Humanity Is Frail
02. The One
03. Mourning Ahead

First Press:
75 x Mint Green
100 x Dark Grey
125 x Cream

Second Press:
100 x Transparent Red (Deathwish Exclusive)
100 x Grey (Portrayal of Guilt Exclusive)
300 x Black

Third Press:
500 x Transparent Gold w/ Black Splatter