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Hounds Of Hate "Self Titled"

Bradock PA's premier Straight Edge band return for 2013 with their debut lp, expanding the scope of their previous 7", and continuing their dignified retrofit of darker late 80's NYHC for the darker still 20-teens. Recorded by the band in their own rehearsal compound, these songs weave through the crooked landscape of modern day anomie, dehumanization, and personal betrayal the way In-Effect era Killing Time and Sick Of It All did before them.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Hello Cruel World
02. Secret Knowledge
03. Pound Of Flesh
04. Don't Push Your Luck
05. Untouchable
06. Pride
07. Guilt Trip
08. End Game
09. Clean Today
10. Blind Lead The Blind
11. Thirty Pieces Of Silver