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Violent Future "Self Titled"

One of our favorite demos of the year is now as 45rpm 7" on PKR. Carrying on the traditions of previous Toronto acts Urban Blight and Bad Choice (of which they share personnel), Violent Future arrive with their first recording -- originally a self released cassette -- of thuggishly played, classically trained HARDcore. Six stompers of futuretro crunch towing the same 4-Skins w/ Hodges/YDI/Iron Cross/Chaos UK buffet their previous bands were known for, but with the most ignorant drumming you've yet laid ears on. Recording by some famous indie rock dude.

Track Listing:Β 
01. Goon Life
02. Government Take Over
03. Bloody Victims
04. Violent Future
05. Life Sucker
06. Fatal Reality