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Pilot To Gunner / Her Head's On Fire "Split"


Fresh off of the release of their respective new full length albums, we have a split release between two NYC artists: indie punk stalwarts Pilot To Gunner (who are returning for their first new bits of music since 2012) and newcomers Her Head's On Fire who just released their debut LP via Iodine Recordings. Though the moniker of Her Head's On Fire might be new, the sheer amount of punk rock tenure present within the band is only compounded when the likes of Pilot To Gunner are thrown into the mix. With members that have cut their teeth in bands such as Garrison, Saves The Day, the Bomb and Small Brown Bike, you might think that you're going to get an explosive hit of punk mixed with indie rock and just a dab of post-hardcore mixed in for flair..and you'd be correct.

Intended to be a fun project between old friends, this split marks a perfect little exclamation point to the songs that have already been released by both bands in the recent months, as they have both artists going out with a "bang" and leaving everyone wanting more. If you're unfamiliar with the works available prior to this split, it will serve as an excellent launching point for anyone who is just discovering either artist, as both songs run parallel to the full lengths that precede them.

Track Listing:
01. Pilot To Gunner - "Gone For Real"
02. Her Head's On Fire - "Just The Way You Are"