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Outpatients “Readmitted”


Outpatients were an American hardcore punk band formed in 1982 in Westfield, Massachusetts by brothers Vis and Scott Helland. With the addition of drummer Mike Kingsbury, the trio recorded their "Basement Tape" demo in early 1983 and played extensive live shows throughout the northeast, including a brief east coast tour with Battalion of Saints. The demo tape and their incendiary live performances garnered rave reviews both locally and nationally, with the the Outpatients being referred to as one of the most brutalizing bands of the period and one of the first bands to introduce the punk/metal crossover sound. Several studio sessions throughout 1983-1985 yielded a handful of compilation cuts and demos, but never a full length record.

This LP collects 16 tracks from those recordings — the majority of which have never been released on vinyl — newly remastered by NYHC legend Don Fury. Also included is a 12"x24" poster insert with lyrics, rare photos and flyers, and extensive liner notes by xXx fanzine editor Mike Gitter.

Track Listing:
01. Backwards Explosion
02. Fight
03. G.P.D.
04. J.O.C.
05. Land Of The Lost
06. Cover Girl
07. Go Play
08. Backwards Birthday
09. Light Blue
10. TV Violence
11. Push-button Warfare
12. Balloon Head
13. Jenny Gurd
14. Barriers To Bridges
15. Little Kings
16. Zombie Tyme