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Orange Island "One Night Stay"


Hailing from the suburban mill town of Clinton, MA, Orange Island were once a household name during the late 90s and early 00’s post-hardcore scene, coming up alongside bands like Taking Back Sunday and Thursday. Orange Island were often mislabeled as emo, but a more accurate description of their sound would be calling them an abrasive yet matured indie-rock band with an awareness of a pop-filled past. “One Night Stay” combines melodic hardcore, complex guitar interplay with lots of pop-influenced choruses and deeply somber lyrics that focus on the darker sides of life. Featuring tracks that have been out of print for over 15 years, they are now available on vinyl for the first time. Produced by Matt Squire (Taking Back Sunday, Thrice, and The Used).  

“While indie-rock bands Hum and Samiam helped paved the way for the genre, Orange Island has taken those ideas and infused them with new energy.” - AltPress 

“Sounding like a drop-D tuned Saves the Day or Jawbreaker, this Clinton, MA, quartet fuses gut-quaking East coast post-hardcore rhythms, à la Quicksand, dual guitar interplay and intelligent and earnest lyrics.” - EXCLAIM

First Press:
250 x White Flags (Bone/Green Split w/ Bone Splatter)
250 x Tattoos (Green Marble)

Track Listing:
01. Holy Bibles And Stained Glass Hotel Windows
02. Only The Good-Looking Need Apply
03. The Silent Partner
04. Life As A Series Of Addictions
05. Knife In Hand, Gun In Mouth
06. Burn Off Your Fingerprints
07. We Hit It Off, It's The Shit (Or Get Off The Pot)
08. The Bachelorette, Her Neck, And A Drunk As Joe Millionaire
09. Diet Of Worms
10. Oh! How Clintonian Of Me
11. Four Letter Tattoos And White Flags