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Parasight / Nervgift "Split"


Parasight plays d-beat, crustpunk scandinavian style: dark, aggressive and melodic. The band has toured europe several times and will embark on another european tour in september. Nervgift has another approach to hardcore punk. More raw punk with a hint of metal. They are no new commers to the scene with members from Kvoteringen, Coldworker ao.

Track Listing: 
01. Drukner i Skrald
02. For DÀve ører
03. Skulldozer (Abscess cover)
04. Lad Ikke Svinene Slide Os Op
05. FÀler Ingen Skam

01. Alt MÎste Inte Finnas
02. NÎr Natten Spyr
03. MÎ Du DÀ Rik
04. Se PÎ NÎr Andre DÀr
05. Straffet"

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