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ON "Double Vision"

Straightforward, powerful, inspirational, heartfelt; these words are not enough. Sick of wondering when someone is going to finally stop all the BS talk and just bring it on already? Today is your day. ON is your band. With the years behind them to stand by the words and the perspective to put all the broken pieces together and make sense. This band puts the "ex members" label to the side and stands on its own ten feet. Their feet rooted firmly in the traditions of the past while all eyes are forward. Progression without compromise. Truth without fear. Hardcore at its classic finest. Reaper Records is proud to announce it will be joining forces with REACT! to release "Double Vision". This Lp will compile both of ON's previous eps ("Vital Times" and "Control") and will include a digital download of the lp. It is a pleasure for REAPER to join forces with both ON and REACT!. Both of these outfits deserve your support and respect. Bring it.