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Church Road


Ohhms "Rot"


Following a string of singles released by Church Road Records over 2022, UK post sludge headbangers ((OHHMS)) have announced the release of their 4th full-length album - entitled ‘Rot’. Due for release on March 31st, 2023, ‘Rot’ is eight tracks of uncompromising riff-filled and horror fuelled songs.

Each track takes its inspiration from the horror movies that have impacted the band's psyche since the release of their previous album, Close. From the lyrical drive to the rhythms and tempo changes on the drums, from the tone of the layered guitars to the dual vocal approach on several of the cuts, ‘Rot’ sees the group push forward into unexplored pastures.

Track Listing:
01. Tonight's Feature Presentation
02. Let’s Scare Jessica To Death
03. Eaten Alive
04. Blood Feast
05. Body Melt
06. A Dark Song
07. The Mephisto Waltz
08. Sisters
09. Swamp Thing