Les Guenilles "Zero pis une barre" - Deathwish Inc

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L'oeil du tigre


Les Guenilles "Zero pis une barre"


We either love or hate them, but Les Guenilles leave no one in a state of indifference. This band of disreputable individuals deliver thunderous rock grooves, scorching heavy metal riffs and take no prisoners. They appear here on their third album and for the first time on LP. Sensitive souls should abstain themselves. For fans of: Pissed Jeans, High On Fire, Red Fang

Track Listing:
01. La sc?ne locale
02. Tu l'as _chapp_
03. Poule pas d't?te
04. Balle de golf
05. Taux d'suicide
06. Assis entre deux chaises
07. Sel de bain
08. En puant des mains
09. Trou d'cul
10. Salle d'attente
11. Michel Chartrand