Government Warning "No Way Out" - Deathwish Inc

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No Way


Government Warning "No Way Out"

Behold, here is the debut ep from Richmond VA's GOVERNMENT WARNING. This ep contains 6 tracks of completely insane hardcore punk. Imagine Koro meets Adolescents, or Agent Orange meets FU's. Incredible lyrics belted out over furious yet catchy songs really put this over the top. Songs about going to court, american ignorance, suburban shitheads and more! What else is worth writing about? GOVERNMENT WARNING draws their influence from bands like the ADOLESCENTS, SOCIAL UNREST, JFA, FU's, RKL, and alot of other old punk/hardcore bands. The recording is full on old school, balls to the wall raw, but still loud as hell and very powerful. If you're into any of the bands listed above, or just into punk and hardcore in should definitely check this out.

Track Listing: 
01. Railroaded
02. Blank
03. Government Warning
04. Walking Dead
05. Ghost Town
06. Self Destruct