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Major League "There's Nothing Wrong With Me"


Following an incredibly busy year of shows in support of their debut record Hard Feelings, Major League has returned with a sophomore album that defies any pre-conceived notions and defines their next evolution as a band. With guitarist Brian Joyce now helming vocal duties, backed by Matt Chila (guitar/vocals), Kyle Bell (bass) and Luke Smartnick (drums), the band emerges with a new sense of identity, a renewed focus and an abundant amount of energy for their most personal recording to date.

For their latest effort, Major League worked with esteemed producer Will Yip (Title Fight, The Wonder Years, Balance and Composure) at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA who helped steer them in a new direction and further explore their internal boundaries as a band.

"There's Nothing Wrong With Me as a whole dives into the deepest depths of my person and lays it all out,î explains Joyce. ñWhile recording with Will there were many times where I was self conscious about certain subject matter on the record, things I wasn't sure I was ready to talk about. It was very emotional experience and at times nerve wracking to talk about. But ultimately it's what made the record who it is and gave it the identity we feel we've lacked in the past."

Blood, sweat and tears in the studio paid off as the band came away with eleven brilliantly written tracks that run a gamut of emotions with thoughtful versus and intoxicating choruses. Song's like "Pillow Talk," are brought to life with massive riffs and driving rhythm that reveal a vulnerability and sincerity not heard since Jimmy Eat World got Clarity.

Track Listing: 
01. Wallflower
02. Graves
03. Pillow Talk
04. Kaleidoscopes
05. Just As I Am
06. Montreal
07. Little Eyes
08. Recovery
09. Devil's Advocate
10. Bruiser
11. Rittenhouse