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Rescuer "Anxiety Answering"

Recorded with producer Jack Shirley (DEAFHEAVEN, JOYCE MANOR) at The Atomic Garden studios in Palo Alto, CA, Anxiety Answering is a natural progression and impressive second album. It features ten tracksthat are both lush and atmospheric while maintaining an intensely abrasive tone, which Shirley captured beautifully on analog in a live setting in the studio.

Γ±"e went with a more organic approach with writing and recording this record," explains JP Marra. "We were really into the idea of recording live to tape because we wanted it to translate to a more honest representation of our band."

The energy and passion from RESCUER's live performance can be felt throughout Anxiety Answering, including standout tracks like the cathartic song "Learning, Curved," which showcases the band's growth and dynamic songwriting and the newly released tune "Out Of Focus."

"Out Of Focus" is about growing apart from the people that you grew up with," Marra adds. "My favorite thing about this song is that our friends Andy (of FRAMEWORKS) and Madeline Nicholl drove down from their wedding in Seattle and recorded some vocal parts on this song. It's like our weird wedding gift to them."

Track Listing:Β 
1. White Noise
2. Muscle Memory
3. Out Of Focus
4. Learning, Curved
5. Relief
6. Leavetaking
7. Canvas
8. Matrimony
9. Rural Accents
10. Anxiety Answering