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No Sleep


Atlantic / Pacific "Meet Your New Love"


The debut full length Meet Your New Love from ATLANTIC/PACIFIC not only features Garrett Klahn (TEXAS IS THE REASON) and John Herguth (HOUSE & PARISH), but also includes Ian Love (RIVAL SCHOOLS) stepping in with guest instrumentation as well as behind the soundboards as a producer. Meet Your New Love features ten songs of intimate, give-and-take vocals „ GarrettÍs immediate, JohnÍs hushed. The album is a study of layered guitar work and pensive melodies ranging in influence from FLEET FOXES, BEACH HOUSE, WASHED OUT to THE SMITHS. The new full length is available in both CD and LP format from No Sleep.

Track Listing:
01. Meet Your New Love
02. Some Weary Valentine
03. Patterns
04. The Inquisition
05. One Of One
06. Picture Perfect
07. Ship To Shore
08. The Latest
09. Darling Disappear
10. Let Me Into Your Light