Frontiers "The Plains" - Deathwish Inc

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Frontiers "The Plains"


Featuring former ELLIOTT front man Chris Higdon and ex-members of hardcore/punk standouts MOUTHPIECE, STAY GOLD and THE ENKINDELS, FRONTIER(S) debut 7" The Plains manages to seamlessly bridge the gap between the melodic ethereal indie rock of Higdon's ELLIOTT era material and the blistering hardcore punk of the other membersÍ earlier efforts. Side A track "The Plains" channels enough hardcore angst and HÙsker DÙ style buzz saw guitar to make even the most jaded scenester flip their wig, while the B side "Radiomine" features pounding rhythms and a swirling wall of sound that land the listener somewhere smack in the middle of post punk England and Washington D.C.'s Revolution Summer. Limited to 1,000 (100 Green, 300 White, 600 Black) copies, the first press of Frontier(s) debut 7" The Plains comes packaged in a tri-fold letter press cover and includes a free download card.