Monument To Thieves "Anyone But You" - Deathwish Inc

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Monument To Thieves "Anyone But You"


Anyone But You is the second 7 inch (the first being The Apology which came out in March of 2009 on Put Ya Hands Up!) to be released from Southern Californias newest heavy-weights, Monument to Thieves. While only having been a band since late 2008, Monument to Thieves features members of such bands as Throwdown, Force of Change, Eighteen Visions, Adamantium and many more, so it is no mystery that they not only know what they are doing, but that they are Southern California Hardcore at its finest. Anyone But You features two new tracks from Monument to Thieves including This Marks The End and the title track Anyone But You on the B side. If you like any of these members old bands, Orange County hardcore, or just good ol heavy music, whether your collection is vast or small, you need to add this 7 inch to your collection. Coming at you on three different color variations (300 Clear w/ Black Splatter 400 Clear and 500 Black), and each comes with a free digital download card so you can get these two songs on your iPod for extra listening pleasure, since well you cant listen to records in your car sadly.