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Nomad Stones "Nomad Stones"


Haunted by electric guitars and FX pedal neon-distorted dreams, New England's newest power trio, NOMAD STONES, come out the gate with a burst of barn burning jams on their incredible self-titled debut album. Led by Adam McGrath and JR Conners of CAVE IN, with Erik Szyska on bass, NOMAD STONES bring a fiery punk-infused, rock n' roll energy across eight tracks of driving, no-nonsense shredders. Combining the heavy guitar crunch, wanky solos and infectious sensibility of Dinosaur JR with the punk urgency and raw aggression of Black Flag, NOMAD STONES have created one of the most enjoyable rock debuts in years. Features stunning cover art by Converge's Jacob Bannon.

Track Listing:
01. Dead Batteries
02. Dirty Boots and a Friend Named Goo
03. Drain Brain
04. The Frugal Yankee
05. Glory Days
06. Heartbeat
07. In Too Deep
08. The Sandwich Police