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Funeral Party


Night Sins "Dancing Chrome"


The long-awaited third LP from Kyle Kimball (Nothing, Salvation, Death of Lovers). Nine new tracks of gloomy post-punk. The contemporary classic darkwave band NIGHT SINS, haling from Philadelphia, have finally released their third LP and first on Funeral Party Records, Dancing Chrome.
This is their first album release since 2013’s To London Or The Lake. Crisp synths, deep vocals, and a gloomy post-punk intensity rarely matched. Interlude tracks have evolved to a noisier, slightly more industrial sound. A very exciting listen.

Track Listing:
01. Crystal Blue
02. Dancing Chrome
03. Enamored and Nailed Shut
04. Schizoid Ice
05. Daisy Chain
06. Spire and Ecstasy
07. Half In, Half Out
08. Heaven's Eyes
09. Austrian Bracelet