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Vow "Kind Eyes"


ItÍs been a long road to VowÍs debut album. After two EPs released in quick succession, Vow slowed down and took nearly a year and a half to write what would become their debut full-length LP. Without any real direction in mind, but with the mindset of leaving the synths and drum machines behind, Vow set out to reshape their sound. The songs they would begin demoing were their most energetic yet, and more than anything, raw.

Resembling indie rock more than the synth-pop of their former life, Andrew and Julia recruited their close friend, sometimes collaborator, and Touch_ Amor_ guitarist Nick Steinhardt as a permanent addition to the band. ïKind EyesÍ is the result of this new evolution of Vow. Their 10 song debut LP will be out May 27th.

Track Listing:
01. Naive Love
02. Withdraw
03. October (feat. Nick Camacho)
04. Lowest
05. Green Light
06. In Another
07. Glow
08. Over and Over
09. Faint
10. Blue Bird