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Narrows / Retox "Narrows / Retox"


Prevailing over distances that span two countries and finding time between five separate band members’ lives to create new music, Narrows has managed to produce two new tracks that are refreshingly aggressive and raw while simultaneously meticulously tight, musically. This should come as no surprise considering Narrows is comprised of members from bands with notoriously brutal talent such as These Arms are Snakes, Unbroken, Botch and Bullet Union. Both “Ride the Lion” and “Blood Python” emit reckless precision in Verellen’s vocal growls, controlled chaos in Moran, Frederiksen, and Cox’s bass and guitar playing, and crushing force from Strother’s heavy drumming.

Welcoming with a full on assault of schizophrenic guitar riffs, spastic drumming, and riotous vocals, Retox’s opening track makes a seamless transition into their half of the split with the introduction of “This Should Hurt a Little Bit”. Like Narrows, Retox marries musical technicality with wild unrestraint and intensity, all in a little over a minute. Their second track on this 7” will be more familiar for many; a cover of The Cure’s “Fascination Street”. Joined by the comparatively soothing vocals of Jennifer Clavin (of Bleached) alongside Pearson, and with wailing, distorted guitar, Retox effortlessly establishes their own idiosyncratic claim over an already classic track.

Track Listing:
NRWS - Side A
01. Ride the Lion
02. Blood Python

RETOX - Side B
01. This Should Hurt a Little Bit
02. Fascination Street