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Murmur "The Boundless Black"


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Murmur‘s debut album, The Boundless Black, is a slow and haunting journey through love, loss, and ancient folklore…all the while the light of beauty and grace shining through. A lush tour through the cold, dark winter of life, while staying devoid of fear and riding tandem with faith and hope.

Murmur was formed in the mountains and trails of rural Connecticut by two singer/songwriters, Peter Morcey (100 Demons, Forced Reality) and Ryan Patrick White (Call It Arson, Jagged Visions). Both men have tasted success with other projects in varying musical genres, but the combination of the two yielded what would become their true passion project …enter, Murmur.

Track Listing: 
01. Beneath the Silence
02. Last Parade
03. Funeral of the Hunt
04. Long Before the Light
05. Murmur
06. Serving Shadows
07. Good Mourning
08. The Fall of Summer
09. The Curse
10. To the Reeds
11. The River