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MouthBreather "Self-Tape"

  • Massachusetts metal act MouthBreather have announced their fourth album, Self-Tape, set for release November 10th on Good Fight Music. Having shared the early single “You Try To Die” in June, today the band follow it up with the absolutely chaotic “Ethical Hunting.” Creating their own genre - Gadget Metal - MouthBreather fuse together elements of metallic hardcore, technical metal, post-hardcore, and more into a frenzied swirl. “Ethical Hunting” is two minutes of pure rage, as scathing vocals meet monster sized riffs and more eccentric moments tie it all together. The song is inspired by a scene in the horror thriller The House That Jack Built, tying into the album’s concept of each track being influenced by a different movie. The short film that accompanies “Ethical Hunting” follows its own psychological thriller path, creative and uncomfortable. The video was produced by vocalist Brett Cates and Sof Puchley, directed by Louie Chapman.

    Self-Tape is unrelentingly heavy, crushing, and unforgiving. It’s an album of mental decline captured through the influence of films that have inspired the band at key points in their lives, from horror to drama. In true MouthBreather fashion the record is totally original, but fans of 2021’s I’m Sorry Mr. Salesman, 2018’s Dollmeat, and 2017’s Pig will all find connectivity. The album was produced by Nick Cates and Ryan Fosdick, and mixed by Nick Cates, at Burnout Labs, and mastered by Jay Maas (Defeater) at Getaway Recording.

    Track Listing:
    01. Ethical Hunting
    02. Imaginary Skin
    03. Wave to Me
    04. You Try to Die
    05. Shotgun Funeral
    06. iDoctor
    07. Rot Out
    08. I Know Best
    09. Solemate
    10. Self-Tape