Mortality Rate "Sleep Deprivation" - Deathwish Inc

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Mortality Rate "Sleep Deprivation"

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Originally released in May 2016, Mortality Rate's "Sleep Deprivation" 12" was recognised as a standout record for the highly charged 4 piece hailing from Alberta, Canada. Now this long sold out album is once again available as a limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies (total) and this time featuring many additional extras. The album contains all the original recordings from “Sleep Deprivation” as well as 3 additional tracks from the band’s split record with Judiciary. “Forms Of Fear”, “Veins” (featuring guest vocals by Jake Collinson of Judiciary) and “Lucid” all feature on the B side of the record, making this the first time these songs have ever been available on vinyl. Completely remixed and remastered by Daniel Colombo of LFT Studios (Nashville, TN), this body of work has been given a new lease of life and sounds fiercer than ever.

This release also features completely new artwork created by Madison Watkins (Year Of The Knife). It provides a perfect visual companion to the audio with the unsettling and haunting composition. The album is available with new merch designs which have also been designed by Madison, making this option an ideal choice for those who can't get enough of the exemplary bleak aesthetic she creates.

With a level of intensity not often encountered, these 11 tracks tear through everything in their path to drill the band's signature blend of abrasive hardcore straight into the ears of the listener. For fans of Kitty, Judiciary, Trap Them, Candy and Hatebreed, this potent mixture of aggression and might maintains a high momentum throughout that can't help but draw the listener in.

Track Listing: 
01. Sleep Depravation
02. Sandman
03. Temple
04. Chapter Six
05. Plaster
06. Beautiful Mouth
07. Climate Change
08. Nerve Damage
09. Forms Of Fear
10. Veins
11. Lucid