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Money "Money"


“Money” is the debut self-titled EP from Oklahmona alternative-rock band, Money. Coming from the Oklahoma DIY music scene—currently populated with diverse bands rich in punk/hardcore to shoegaze and alternative rock—Money delivers some of the heaviest straight-forward alternative rock music their town has to offer. Sharing members with the local OK band, Cursetheknife and inspired by late ‘90s bands like Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins and Far, Money’s songs are full of heavy bass, noisy guitars, and echoing vocals, where the band can easily fit on local shoegaze lineup, but slightly more heavy to fit on a punk/hardcore show. From the opener, “Trajector” to the closer, “Slower Hell”, Money does an excellent job in making these songs flow seamlessly while keeping the listener engaged and transfixed with sludgy guitars, clever interludes, and strong hooks on each song.

Track Listing:
01. Fuct
02. Down4ever
03. Budd Dwyer
04. Slower Hell