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Nomads "Love It Or Leave It"


"In translating his life into a band, [Nomads frontman 'Mocaine'] has given LA punk rock an updated version of N.W.A." _LA Weekly

Since their inception, LA's Nomads have offered a particularly harsh brand of hardcore punk. Now the outfit are leveling up with their latest release, Love It or Leave It... The honesty and intentionality of Nomads will hit you in the face like a two by four... It's raw and it's good." _Mass Appeal

Like a hurricane of sound, Nomads flattens all in its path. Whiplash d-beats, steamrolling riffs and wailing solos drive forward with natural disaster intensity, led by frontman Mocaine's raspy ringleading. The band's extreme brand of punk has its roots in Motorhead, Discharge, and Discharge-loving punks of the '80s, like Anti Cimex from Sweden and Gauze from Japan.

But Nomads is an LA band, through and through. They take influence from around the world and bring it home to LA to tell their own nihilistic stories of drugs, violence, cops, and death. As one LA Weekly writer put it, Nomads "has given LA punk rock an updated version of N.W.A." Like N.W.A. and Suicidal Tendencies, Nomads are LA bards giving a voice to the darkness and demons in the City of Angels.

From start to finish, Love It or Leave It is an album of storm-like sonic power and lyrical realness. Mocaine describes the meaning behind the album title: "It's about completely disliking the reality we wake up to everyday. So you want to escape by getting high or dying. Or both."

Nomads was founded in LA in 2011 by ex-members of Product of Waste and Minority Unit. Founding drummer Jorge Herrera also pounds for Despise You and ACxDC.

Track Listing:
01. Falling Down
02. The Killer
03. Gang Mentality
04. Slaughterhouse
05. Commit Suicide (G.G. Allin)
06. C World
07. Omegalomaniac
08. Ricochet
09. Fall Out
10. Too Little, Too Late
11. Lucretia, My Reflection (Sisters of Mercy)